House Cleaning

Get That Shine Back In Your Home

Try our high quality residential cleaning service to have a shining, clean and hygienic house

The benefits of living in a clean house are needless to explain anyone. It is obvious that your house must be clean and hygienic in every possible manner. To keep it clean you need to have regular domestic cleaning service from a reliable and professional team.

At Sunshine Cleaning we offer cleaning for different sections of your house to make it an effective and customized process of cleaning. We know that different clients have distinct types of cleaning requirements for their house. We are ready to take challenges and provide them with reliable home cleaning in Melbourne.

Specific Services

All areas

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty bins
  • Dust doors/window sills/skirting boards
  • Scrub/clean windows inside
  • Dust switches
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust all surfaces can be reached
  • Vacuum carpet can be reached
  • Clean and mop floors
  • Air deodorization


bathroom Cleaning
  • Scrub/clean bathtubs
  • Scrub/clean shower screens
  • Scrub/clean toilet bowls
  • Clean taps
  • Scrub/clean basins


  • Scrub/clean ovens
  • Scrub/clean sinks
  • Scrub/clean microwave oven inside and outside
  • Scrub/clean benches
  • Scrub/clean the surface of ventilator


  • Make beds
  • Tidy up desks
  • Clean up the room
kitchen room
bed room

Window Cleaning

Windows play a significant role to maintain the hygiene, aesthetic and engineering of any structure. Thus, you must maintain them well. We have specially trained and certified window cleaners in our team. Irrespective of the height of your building, they can reach the dirtiest spots on the windows and wipe them out easily.

Our fully equipped team has the right instruments to clean the windows and make them spotless. We use the best cleaning materials which are soft on your windows but harsh on the spots and stains.

Window Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

No matter what kind of floor your house has, we have the right cleaning process for the same. It can be wooden floors, tiles or mosaic – our experts will use the best cleaning solutions suitable for the surface and make it totally spotless.

Be it the floor of your balcony or the kitchen or the living room, we can clean it and get back its lost shine once again. We use the best materials to clean such surfaces. Our residential floor and window cleaning service are suitable for every modern as well as heritage residences in Melbourne.

Floor Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

If you love to work in a tidy and hygienic kitchen, then you must be serious about cleaning it. Avail our domestic kitchen cleaning service to experience the same. Make your kitchen the cleanest place in your home with the help of our professional and high-quality cleaning services for the kitchen.

We can clean the kitchen appliances along with the worktops and kitchen floors as well. We use House High Pressure Cleaning to fight against the stubborn stains in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the dirtiest places in your house. It can be the cause of various ailments if you cannot clean it regularly. Thus, it is important to keep the carpets of your home clean and spotless not only for the beautification of the house but to keep diseases away from your family too.

Keep the carpets of your house as clean as possible with the help of our reliable domestic carpet cleaning services. We use steam and dry cleaning methods along with the conventional procedures of cleaning the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning